• Chang Gung University Ph.D.
  • China Medical University M.D.

Professor Hung-Rong Yen is a physician scientist. He currently serves as the Dean of College of Chinese Medicine in China Medical University and the Director of Integration of Chinese and Western Medicine in China Medical University Hospital, Taichung, Taiwan. He earned his M.D. degree with a double major in Western and Chinese medicine at China Medical University, Taiwan. Afterward, he completed dual clinical training in Western medicine (pediatrics) and Chinese medicine in Chang Gung Children Hospital and Chang Gung Memorial Hospital, respectively. He also earned his Ph.D. degree in Chang Gung University, including a 3-year research fellowship in immunology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, U.S.A. Professor Yen’s academic training and research experience have provided him with a background in multiple biomedical aspects. As a physician scientist with dual clinical training in Western medicine and Chinese medicine, he has become a leading advocate of the integration of Chinese medicine into conventional care and builds bridges between doctors of all backgrounds. It is his hope that his training in clinical and basic science could be translated to a better understanding, treatment, and prevention of immunological diseases through approaches such as Chinese medicine. Professor Hung-Rong Yen is also a pioneer in innovative pedagogical practice in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) education, including TCM-OSCE and TCM online courses. His bilingual lecture "Chinese Medicine Health Promotion Wisdom in Daily Life" is the first TCM-MOOCs in China Medical University.


Former Director

 Term of Office


2008.08 - 2012.07

Hsieh, Ching-Liang, Professor

2012.08 - 2016.01

Hsu, Sheng-Feng, Associate Professor

2016.02 - 2017.07

Chou, Li-Wei, Professor

2017.08 - 2018.07

Hsieh, Ching-Liang, Professor

2018.08 - 2020.07

Chang, Hen-Hong

2020.08-  2021.07

Chen, Yi-Hung


Yen, Hung-Rong