Regulations and degree

Laws and Regulations


中國醫藥大學研究生修業規定/Regulations on the Study of Graduate Students of China Medical University

Adviser Consent Form

Those who have met the following requirements can apply for degree examination

  • Having at least completed credits in Master Program, which are stipulated in the graduation credit recognition list of the year of admission.

Degree Examinations

1.Notes for application:

Notes for Degree Examinations of MasterFormat 1 - Application for the Master Degree ExaminationFormat 2 - Letter of Recommendation from the Thesis Adviser-MasterFormat 3 - Front cover of M.S. thesisFormat 4 - Format of M.S. thesisFormat 5 - Format of Spine-MasterFormat 6 - CMU Graduate Student Academic Ethics Statement (docxodt)

Download the file of all attachments

*Submit the proposal to oral defense committee members one week before the oral defense*

The application for oral examination is available at CMU Student Information System --> Applications --> Application for Thesis Defense Oral Examination.  Kindly upload the “Academic Ethics Statement” and “Turnitin Similarity Report”. Print and fill the application form before submitting with the required documents to the office.

<The step of apply the oral examination on the internet>

Format Description of Thesis of IMPA

2.Notes for graduation and leaving school:

1.Thesis upload system: Electronic These & Dissertations Service

When submitting electronic copy,  fill up the information online as required. Before uploading the PDF, check the following:

  • Do not include the blank copy on the first page as instructed for the hardcopy.
  • Do not include a blank page for the CMU Thesis & Dissertation Copyright License Agreement.
  • Ensure that the page number format follows the instruction.
  • File protection of the PDF to prevent copying and editing is required:
  • Option 1: Download the tutorial guide of ETDS file format and follow the instruction to set up the file protection.
  • Option 2: Use the “Protect”function in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC and set up “Encrypt with password” similarly to the instruction from ETDS.
  • Option 3: Bring the word doc and PDF to the library and ask the for assistance to set up the protection in the PDF.
  • Upload the PDF and submit.
  • Check the website for approval or rejection reasons. If rejection reasons are given, revise accordingly. Otherwise, download the copyright license agreement.
  • For the copyright license agreement print out 2 copies, sign and submit the original copies with the thesis hardcopy to the library.
  • For the thesis hardcopy, ensure that a photocopy of the copyright license agreement is inserted after the page of Verification From the Oral Defense Committee.

2.Hand in thesis(3 for office and 3 for library, Code: IMPA-Academic Year of Graduate-Student ID first 3digits& last 3 digits)

3.Send the thesis digital file to office (

For more information, please refer to Office of Graduate Student Affiairs website.