112 Academic Year 1st Semester Application for Thesis Defense Oral Examination_2023

112 Academic Year 1st Semester Application for Thesis Defense Oral Examination_2023

Application for Thesis Defense Oral Examination, please submit an application one month before the oral examination.
The application deadline is 12/08 (Fri), and the oral examination should be completed before 2024/01/19 (Fri).
Thesis Defense Oral Examination
**Must complete the courses and credits stipulated by the institute, so that you can apply for the exam, please confirm by yourself**
1. Application process
Online application: Path [Student Information SystemVarious ApplicationsGraduate Degree Examination Application]
Fill in the thesis title, exam date, exam location, committee member information, etc.
Upload files:
(1) CMU Graduate Student Academic Ethics Statement [Please go to the website of the Graduate Affairs Office download the form
(2) Comparison results of originality of papers
[Please fill in the name of the author, please fill in the title of the paper for the name of the document]
[For Chinese papers, please use the Chinese paper comparison system, and for English papers, please use the <Turnitin> system]
(3) Letter of Recommendation from the Thesis Adviser download the form
Send application

Print: Application Form - Please check the relevant information of the examination (English name, conferred degree...)

2. Submit the materials to the Office
Degree Examination Application Checklist
Application for Thesis Defense Oral Examination (please sign by the Adviser)
Letter of recommendation from the Adviser
CMU Graduate Student Academic Ethics Statement
Transcripts over the years
Comparison results of papers - the first comparison (the Adviser needs to sign on the cover)
First draft of graduation thesis
Complete 480 hours of hospital clinical clerkship, please submit your study passport

1. 申請流程
2. 繳交資料至國際針灸碩士學位學程辦公室